Project Advisors: Dr.Ron Kriz

                            Jason Lockhart


Other Links


· , Virginia Tech CAVE

·       A systematic approach to evaluate three dimensional file compatibility and convergence tools in virtual environments, class project 1999, Dennis Cafiero

·       Do’s and Don’ts for converting 3-D studio files to CAVE format, Interior Design Futures Laboratory  Web-page


Scripts used

·       saranolit, New version of Saranav with no lighting developed by Dennis Cafiero and recompiled with the assistance of Mr. Sanjiv Parikh.

·       jpgTorgb, A written by David Weatherly in PERL to convert all JPEG texture files to RGB format


3-D studio viz version 3.0

All 3-D studio references in this project are to 3-D studio viz version 3.0

This is a product of Autodesk , INC and its associated copyrights.


Written by: Priya Malhotra

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