The dgiGL Download Page


DgiGL is an ongoing project, and the code is in no manner complete. This means that if you actually do get it running, you will probably find a way to make it break. If you do have a serious interest in dgiGL, please contact Chris ( or the DIVERSE development team (, so that we can get you more recent and complete versions of the library and documentation.

Licensing Information

The entire dgiGL distribution is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.0 (link). In the future, the library portion will probably be moved to the Lesser/Library General Public License, but for now, all of the code is licensed according to the GPL.

Build Instructions

dgiGL is known to build on various versions of Irix and GNU/Linux. It requires the X11libraries, a working OpenGL(tm) implementation, and DTK version 1.0.2 ( Mesa3D ( will work fine for the OpenGL implementation.

After untarring the distribution, go to dgiGL/library and edit the macros at the beginning of the Makefile. Then you can try to build the following targets:

lib -- Builds the dgiGL library and installs it in DGIGL_ROOT/lib

testDSO -- Builds the "hyperdisplay" graphics DSO and installs it in DGIGL_ROOT/etc/dgiGL_DSOs/

simpleDesktop -- Builds the DSO and installs it in DGIGL_ROOT/etc/dgiGL_DSOs/

threadTest -- Builds a sample application.

brownSample -- Another sample application.

After building those targets, set the environment variable DGIGL_DSO_FILES to either "testDSO" or "simpleDesktop" and try to run the threadTest sample program. If it doesn't work, make sure that your dynamic linker can find the dtk and dgiGL libraries, using LD_LIBRARY_PATH if necessary.


Download the following gzipped tarball and follow the build instructions.

The dgiGL distribution: dgiGL.tar.gz

Also, if you need it, dtk-1.0.2.tar.gz