VRML has a great potential in the Architectural Design Process . It can be attributed to the fact that  3D MODELING  and AUTHORING applications like 3D -STUDIO , MICROSTATION , and many others can export VRML 1.0 as well as VRML 2.0 file formats which can be displayed and read easily over the internet and it is not the same with the native formats of these applications which are cumbersome and no plugins installed for the browsers to load these files.

VRML 2.0 format has great potential in the Architectural design process. With the inclusion of scripting nodes and the subsequent ability to include JAVA code in the VRML 2.0 file format  makes it a great avenue for low cost Virtual Reality application . The following issues can be considered as potential development areas in this path.

The following suggests the potential applications of VRML 2.0 models.