Scientific Visual Data Analysis and Multimedia

Assignment #7: Class Project Web Summary

Due: Last day of Class

Part I (90pts):
Make a Web Summary of Your Class Project

With standard html create a web summary of your class project not to exceed four pages in length, not including figures and tables. This summary should include a web hyper link to your project proposal. There are already some excellent examples of other projects already posted for 1996 and 1997 classprojects.

For your reference I would consider these examples:

as examples which would result in a 100% grade for this assignment.

Part II (10pts):
Post your results on the homework account

Logon to username: homework, password: to be handed out in class. Create a directory with your lastname: (~homework/assign#7/lastname). Transfer your web project into your directory and test that your web summary works by using the web browser on the SMVC workstations and loading your homework as a local file using the "Open page" feature in the web browser.

Your grade will be based on how your proposal contract agrees with what your proposed. Your grade will not be based on your programming skills although brevity, clarity will be appreciated.

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