ESM 4714
Scientific Visual Data Analysis and Multimedia
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Principal Investigator:
Chris Ruckman (231-4006)

Use of Scientific Visual Analysis Tools in Active Structual-Acoustic Control

Active structural-acoustic control (ASAC) is a new technique for controlling the noise field radiated from a vibrating structure. ASAC involves applying time-harmonic "control forces" directly on the structure to alter its dynamic response.

Progress (as of 2/20/92)
My current research involves applying ASAC to an axisymmetric, cylindrical shell. Therefore, my class project will focus on finding improving methods for displaying the response of an axisymmetric structure. I have developed a FORTRAN program that calculates the fluid-structure response before and after the controller is applied. Therefore, I have all the datasets I will need to complete my project.

The main objectives of the class project will be:

  1. Find compact, effective ways to characterize the structural/acoustic response, including surface velocity, wavenumber spectrum, and farfield pressure, over a range of frequencies. Examine the responses to a variety of excitations to more fully understand the system dynamics. (Try to present "the greatest number of ideas in the shortest time with the least ink in the smallest space.")

  2. Use visual analysis tools to determine what motivates the control algorithm to choose its solution. Compare the responses before and after the control is applied.

  3. Develop a brief multimedia presentation to present the results to an audience of graduate students not familiar with structural acoustics or active noise control.
Note that since the cylinder is axisymmetric, the structural and acoustic fields are essentially 2-dimensional.

I will concentrate mainly on PV-Wave and the NCSA software suite, since I will have continued access to these tools when I leave school this spring. (However, I will experiment with other packages as needed). The multimedia presentation will be developed using Macromind Director.

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